These pages describe how to install PROJ on your computer without compiling it yourself. Below are guides for installing on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This is a good place to get started if this is your first time using PROJ. More advanced users may want to compile the software themselves.


The simplest way to install PROJ on Windows is to use the OSGeo4W software distribution. OSGeo4W provides easy access to many popular open source geospatial software packages. After installation you can use PROJ from the OSGeo4W shell. To install PROJ do the following:


If you have already installed software via OSGeo4W on your computer it is likely that PROJ is already installed.

  1. Download either the 32 bit or 64 bit installer.
  2. Run the OSGeo4W setup program.
  3. Select “Advanced Install” and press Next.
  4. Select “Install from Internet” and press Next.
  5. Select a installation directory. The default suggestion is fine in most cases. Press Next.
  6. Select “Local packacke directory”. The suggestions is fine in most cases. Press Next.
  7. Select “Direct connection” and press Next.
  8. Choose the and press Next.
  9. Find “proj” under “Commandline_Utilities” and click the package in the “New” column until the version you want to install appears.
  10. Press next to install PROJ.

You should now have a “OSGeo” menu in your start menu. Within that menu you can find the “OSGeo4W Shell” where you have access to all the OSGeo4W applications, including proj.

For those who are more inclined to the command line, steps 2–10 above can be accomplished by executing the following command:

C:\temp\osgeo4w-setup-x86-64.exe -q -k -r -A -s -a x86_64 -P proj


How to install PROJ on Linux depends on which distribution you are using. Below is a few examples for some of the more common Linux distributions:


On Debian and similar systems (e.g. Ubuntu) the APT package manager is used:

sudo apt-get install proj-bin

Red Hat

On Red Hat based system packages are installed with yum:

sudo yum install proj

Mac OS X

On OS X PROJ can be installed via the Homebrew package manager:

brew install proj