Using PROJ in CMake projectsΒΆ

The recommended way to use the PROJ library in a CMake project is to link to the imported library target PROJ::proj provided by the CMake configuration which comes with the library. Typical usage is:


target_link_libraries(MyApp PRIVATE PROJ::proj)

By adding the imported library target PROJ::proj to the target link libraries, CMake will also pass the include directories to the compiler.

The CMake command find_package will look for the configuration in a number of places. The lookup can be adjusted for all packages by setting the cache variable or environment variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH. In particular, CMake will consult (and set) the cache variable PROJ_DIR.

The old CMake name for the PROJ project was "PROJ4" and the switch to the name "PROJ" was made with version 7.0. As of PROJ 9.1, using find_package(PROJ4) will show a CMake Deprecation Warning. The old project name PROJ4 name will be phased out after the PROJ 9.x series.