Geodetic to cartesian conversion

New in version 5.0.0.

Convert geodetic coordinates to cartesian coordinates (in the forward path).

Alias cart
Domain 3D
Input type Geodetic coordinates
Output type Geocentric cartesian coordinates

This conversion converts geodetic coordinate values (longitude, latitude, elevation above ellipsoid) to their geocentric (X, Y, Z) representation, where the first axis (X) points from the Earth centre to the point of longitude=0, latitude=0, the second axis (Y) points from the Earth centrer to the point of longitude=90, latitude=0 and the third axis (Z) points to the North pole.


Convert geodetic coordinates to GRS80 cartesian coordinates:

echo 17.7562015132 45.3935192042 133.12 2017.8 | cct +proj=cart +ellps=GRS80
4272922.1553   1368283.0597  4518261.3501     2017.8000



See proj -le for a list of available ellipsoids.

Defaults to “GRS80”.