Classification Mixed
Available forms Forward and inverse, spherical and elliptical projection
Defined area Global
Implemented by Alex Raichev and Michael Speth
+north_square Position of the north polar square. Valid inputs are 0–3. Defaults to 0.
+south_square Position of the south polar square. Valid inputs are 0–3. Defaults to 0.

rHEALPix is a projection based on the HEALPix projection. The implementation of rHEALPix uses the HEALPix projection. The rHEALPix combines the peaks of the HEALPix into a square. The square’s position can be translated and rotated across the x-axis which is a novel approach for the rHEALPix projection. The initial intention of using rHEALPix in the Spatial Computation Engine Science Collaboration Environment (SCENZGrid).


To run a rHEALPix projection on a WGS84 ellipsoidal model, use the following command:

proj +proj=rhealpix -f '%.2f' +ellps=WGS84 +south_square=0 +north_square=2  -E << EOF
> 55 12
55 12   6115727.86  1553840.13

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