Tilted perspective

Classification Azimuthal
Available forms Forward and inverse, spherical projection
Defined area Global
Implemented by Gerald I. Evenden
+h Height (in meters) above the surface. Required.
+azi Bearing (in degrees) from due north.
+tilt Angle (in degrees) away from nadir.
+lat_0 Latitude (in degrees) of the view position.
+lon_0 Longitude (in degrees) of the view position.
Tilted perspective

Tilted Perspective is similar to Near-sided perspective (nsper) in that it simulates a perspective view from a hight. Where nsper projects onto a plane tangent to the surface, Tilted Perspective orients the plane towards the direction of the view. Thus, extra parameters azi and tilt are required beyond nsper`‘s h. As with nsper, lat_0 & lon_0 are also required for satellite position.