Classification Miscellaneous
Available forms Forward and inverse, spherical and elliptical projection
Defined area Global
Alias rhealpix
Domain 2D
Input type Geodetic coordinates
Output type Projected coordinates

rHEALPix is a projection based on the HEALPix projection. The implementation of rHEALPix uses the HEALPix projection. The rHEALPix combines the peaks of the HEALPix into a square. The square’s position can be translated and rotated across the x-axis which is a novel approach for the rHEALPix projection. The initial intention of using rHEALPix in the Spatial Computation Engine Science Collaboration Environment (SCENZGrid).


To run a rHEALPix projection on a WGS84 ellipsoidal model, use the following command:

proj +proj=rhealpix -f '%.2f' +ellps=WGS84 +south_square=0 +north_square=2  -E << EOF
> 55 12
55 12   6115727.86  1553840.13



All parameters for the projection are optional.


Position of the north polar square. Valid inputs are 0–3.

Defaults to 0.0.


Position of the south polar square. Valid inputs are 0–3.

Defaults to 0.0.


Longitude of projection center.

Defaults to 0.0.


See proj -le for a list of available ellipsoids.

Defaults to “GRS80”.


False easting.

Defaults to 0.0.


False northing.

Defaults to 0.0.

Further reading

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