Tilted perspective

Classification Azimuthal
Available forms Forward and inverse, spherical projection
Defined area Global
Alias tpers
Domain 2D
Input type Geodetic coordinates
Output type Projected coordinates
Tilted perspective

proj-string: +proj=tpers +h=5500000 +lat_0=40

Tilted Perspective is similar to Near-sided perspective (nsper) in that it simulates a perspective view from a height. Where nsper projects onto a plane tangent to the surface, Tilted Perspective orients the plane towards the direction of the view. Thus, extra parameters specifying azimuth and tilt are required beyond nsper`’s h. As with nsper, lat_0 & lon_0 are also required for satellite position.




Height of the view point above the Earth and must be in the same units as the radius of the sphere or semimajor axis of the ellipsoid.



Bearing in degrees away from north.

Defaults to 0.0.


Angle in degrees away from nadir.

Defaults to 0.0.


Longitude of projection center.

Defaults to 0.0.


Latitude of projection center.

Defaults to 0.0.


Radius of the sphere given in meters. If used in conjunction with +ellps +R takes precedence.


False easting.

Defaults to 0.0.


False northing.

Defaults to 0.0.